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Internal Reports

Folder for internal write-ups including co-op work term reports

Ioana Craiciu's Report (2013)

Contains information about sweeping trim coil current settings

PDF document icon IoanaCraiciuApr2013Final.pdf — PDF document, 1167 kB (1195801 bytes)

Claire Warner's Report (2014)

PCTFE as a Solution to Stress-Induced Birefringence in Atom Trap Viewports

PDF document icon reportcw.pdf — PDF document, 434 kB (445282 bytes)

Scott Smale summer coop report

PDF document icon summer_report_2012.pdf — PDF document, 184 kB (189239 bytes)

Scott Smale fall coop report 2012

PDF document icon fall_report_2012.pdf — PDF document, 199 kB (204574 bytes)

Claire Preston Jan-April 2015

Point Grey camera, mostly

PDF document icon ClairePreston_worktermreportTRINATapril2015_A.pdf — PDF document, 753 kB (772024 bytes)

Claire Preston May-Aug 2015

Raspberry Pi and temperature minimization

PDF document icon ClairePreston_TRINATcompletedworktermreportAug2015-signedbyjb.pdf — PDF document, 917 kB (939967 bytes)

Write up on beta decay

Could still have errors!!

PDF document icon beta-decay.pdf — PDF document, 225 kB (231067 bytes)

Bsheldan TRIUMF report.pdf

PDF document icon Bsheldan Triumf Report.pdf — PDF document, 5337 kB (5465363 bytes)


version of Sep 1, 2016

PDF document icon llawrence_triumf_report.pdf — PDF document, 4403 kB (4509260 bytes)

Tine Valencic SURF report

PDF document icon ValencicTine_FinalReport_Final.pdf — PDF document, 1720 kB (1762045 bytes)


Office Powerpoint 2007 XML presentation icon Symposium_Presentation_aforestell.pptx — Office Powerpoint 2007 XML presentation, 5827 kB (5967851 bytes)

Michael Groves' first term report, with LCVR characterization and Stokes parameter physics

PS document icon — PS document, 541 kB (554080 bytes)

vollrath report: Coil drivers and RF sidebands

PS document icon — PS document, 353 kB (361628 bytes)

Fiber Coupling part of John Donohue's co-op report

April 23, 2010, many details of first implementation of TRINAT-style single-mode fibre coupling

PDF document icon jd_fibrecoupling_apr23.pdf — PDF document, 459 kB (470803 bytes)

Anastasia Afanassieva's Report (Winter 2020)

Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal ( TNLC ), Quarter Wave Plate ( QWP ), Motorized Stages ( ELL14 ELL20 ) , Fiber Coupling

PDF document icon Anastasia_Afanassieva_Optical_Pumping_Winter_2020_Report.pdf — PDF document, 1086 kB (1113040 bytes)

Andrew Kovachik work term report

PDF document icon kovachik_Jan1_document.pdf — PDF document, 865 kB (885910 bytes)


PDF document icon TRINAT_report29Dante.pdf — PDF document, 3288 kB (3367402 bytes)

Dan Friesen up to 3.2 GHz sidebands

PDF document icon dfriesen_report2011v1.pdf — PDF document, 1490 kB (1525996 bytes)