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Storage for final drawings of the apparatus and detectors, data sheets, purchase orders, etc.
Final drawings of the apparatus and detectors
TRINAT Detectors
File application/rls-services+xml Jun 2014 Triggers
These are the labels for the FPGA hardware triggers implemented for the May-June 2014 run.
File Jun 2014 Duty Cycle
Atomic duty cycle for May/Jun 2014 run
File December 2012 Duty Cycle
Timing diagram for the Dec 2012 run
File Jun 2014 "bad" times
This is a list of times during which a minor glitch requires us to throw away a few minutes of data (V2).
Internal Reports
Folder for internal write-ups including co-op work term reports
File Octet Stream Pellicle Data
Data sheets which shipped with the pellicle mirrors. Transmission plots, values, and flatness measurements.
File PDF document VME-NIMIO32.pdf
TRINAT's trigger logic is located in the bottom-right.
File D source code 2012/2014 Residual Quadrupole B-Field
File Troff document A Discussion of the AC-MOT
A 9 pg overview of the AC-MOT, written by Melissa for Gerald's Atomic Physics course, Spring 2016. More clear and concise than Melissa's MSc thesis.
File Troff document (with manpage macros) Melissa_request_Jun2017
As per email of Jun 27, the tarball contains: asymmetry_A.root asymmetry_B.root asymmetry_C.root asymmetry_D.root
File Troff document (with manpage macros) .dcm file calibrated foyear 2017
File Troff document (with manpage macros) Ascii of Fig 3, Fenker et al., PRL120 (2018)
Definitely the data and G4 MC that is published
File Potential array for electric field during Sep 2017 run. Approximately 500V/cm along detection axis.
Attached file contains a 3D array of electric potentials on rectangular mesh with 1mm period between rMCP and mesh, attached to most positive hoop (6 or 7 "depending on bio")
File Pascal source code Pulses from recoil MCP.
Some test to better understand a shape of the pulses from recoil MCP.
File PDF document NPCPellicleReflectivity_2018.pdf
File application/x-troff-ms Pellicle interferograms
National Photocolor interferograms for the latest 6 pellilces
File PDF document NPC_AuKapton_Pellicle_Reflectivity_2018.pdf
File text/texmacs TrainingSafetyDocuments
Put links to Safety and Training Documents here
File PDF document quality_report_LTNs.pdf
The binary rotators test sheets from Meadowlark
File Troff document (with manpage macros) Ian's shell model calc (2011)
The latest (last) calculation of matrix elements for the decay of 37K from Ian Towner, Aug 30, 2011.
File Old report on recoil-order corrections
File PDF document ISOMET_M1250-T200L_AOM_Test_Data_Sheet.pdf
Test sheet for the nominal 405nm AO Modulator.
File Availability of the large diameter Funnel MCP/MCP plates from Hamamatsu
Specs of MCPs from Hamamatsu, available for a Z-stack with a front plate of the funnel type.
File Troff document (with manpage macros) Siegbahn alpha,beta,gamma spectroscopy Ch. 1
There is text near Fig. 10 or so pointing out that the diffusion backscatter coefficient p does not depend on incident energy. It's the thickness needed to achieve this diffusion backscatter that's increasing with energy. P certainly depends strongly on Z. Our SiC and DSSD are nowhere near the saturation thickness for diffusion backscatter, but how much this changes the backscatter probability is not clear to me.
File PDF document TRINAT_elog_Sep1_Sep15_2020.pdf
File The β+ Decay of a 0+ → 0+ Transition
An old write-up from 2001 on the beta decay rate
File Crylas documentation
File PDF document TestSheetGAGG1.pdf
File Reflector material useful paper
File Troff document (with manpage macros) Dante Prins undergrad talk 2021
DSSSD Documentation
File James McNeil thesis candidacy presentation